Goddess Booty 4oz (Lifting/ Firming/ Anti-Cellulite)
Gold'N Goddess Body Sculpting LLC

Goddess Booty 4oz (Lifting/ Firming/ Anti-Cellulite)

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Dreaming of a more bootylicious derriere? Our Goddess Booty natural butt enhancement gel will give you just that. The Goddess Booty Gel is the best lifter and enhancer for that flat booty, while it firms and tones to give you the best looking butt.
Goddess Booty is a hyper-concentrated formulation of highly active ingredients penetrates deeply to release toxins and intake structure building botanical materials. Butt Enhancement Gel supports the cells deep within the dermal layer to restructure in a way that results in a tighter, toned skin surface. The root cause of cellulite is a toxic load in the fat cells, resulting in dimpling and improper cellular structure. The active ingredients in this formulation dissolve toxins, escorting them out of the hydro-cellular system beneath the skin. Arnica penetrates deeply to enhance cellular integrity, and dead sea concentrate detoxifies the area where product is applied. Topically, ginger, papaya enzymes, and aloe vera and Centella Asiatica firm and fill the upper layers to restore a smooth line and finish to any surface of the body. Can be used on the thighs butt, abdomen, and arms or anywhere you have cellulite, and will all respond in as little as twenty minutes to achieve what every woman wants…. lift ,firmness, tone, and sleek lines. For an added boost, MSM and pink grapefruit oils permeate this product. MSM drives the ingredients deeper into the cells, while pink grapefruit lives up to its extensive clnical testing and literally dissolves cellulite beneath your skin.
Directions: It's best to exfoliate the skin first with a body scrub or with dry brush. Apply a small amount evenly on the butt, and massage 1-3 minutes in an upward motion until it is fully absorbed. For better results use twice a day, morning and night.
Key Ingredients: Arnica, dead sea concentrate, ginger, papaya enzymes, aloe vera, MSM, and grapefruit