Our Services

Goddess 360
Accentuate your natural curves & bring them to life! Everything you love about the Goddess Body Triple Threat plus your back. We focus on the abdomen (upper & lower), love handles, "AND" back/ bra fat. This treatment will shrink, tighten, & tone you all around at once.
Goddess Triple Threat
The people's choice! Do you have an area that you'd like to sculpt, tighten, and tone? This combo is exactly what you've been looking for. We're going to liquify & shrink those fat cells, then top it off with skin tightening. Only 1 area of treatment at a time such as abdomen and flanks, inner thighs, saddle bags, upper arms, or bra fat.
Gold'N Lipo
Lipo pads specially equipped with laser diodes that is applied directly to the skin, allowing the lasers to penetrate through the fast cells, causing them to shrink and help produce collagen. 1 area per treatment,  such as abdomen, back, arms or thighs. 
Gold'N Slim
Get rid of that bulge and shrink those fat cells away. This treatment is geared towards someone who has a little extra pudge without any loose/ sagging skin. What a great way to snatch that waistline & define those curves. Ultrasonic cavitation and our laser lipo pads will be used to achieve those results.
Perfect for areas such as the abdomen, love handles, or bra fat.
Gold'N Pair
Two favorites paired into one session. Shrink those stubborn abdominal fat cells with our lipo mat while adding volume to your derrière with our vacuum cup placements. 
Goddess Lift
Non invasive procedure to sculpt the perfect little "fatty". This service will give you a lift, volume increase, tighten & tone, and minimize the appearance of cellulite of the buttocks. 
Gold'N Plump
Non invasive butt enhancement using the suction cups only. Recommended as maintenance after achieving your big booty goals.
Goddess Detox
Jump start any of your body transformation goals with the perfect way to detox. Our sauna blanket treatment cocoons the entire body with heat up to 160 degrees. Get the boost your body needs to flush out toxins while reducing swelling, inflammation, the appearance of puffiness, and improving the metabolic function to aid in weight loss and burning up to 2000 calories. Our formulated slimming gel and wrap comes complimentary with this detox for 1 targeted body area.
Good Bye Cellulite
A combination of Columbian wood & endmotherapy increases the circulation and aids in the breakdown of fatty deposits and smooth out the cellulite. Cavitation is used to liquify the fatty deposits to be flushed through the lymphatic system, and radio frequency used to tighten skin and aid in the production of collagen. 6-12 treatments are strongly recommended.
Gold'N Tight
Radio frequency energy waves used to heat the dermis layer of skin, stimulating the production of collagen and tightening the skin. Only 1 area of treatment at a time. Can be used on most areas of the body/face.
Goddess "V"
Restore your vagina and get your sexy back. If you suffer from urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, low libido, painful sex, or you just need to strengthen your vaginal muscles, regain elastin, decrease looseness, and increase your sensitivity and moisture, then this is the procedure for you. Say hello to your youthful vagina again in only less than 30 minutes.
Please wait 72 hours before returning to sexual activity, & 24 hours for exercise.
Non-Invasive. No Pain. No Downtime.